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An inclusive community makes all the difference for people with disabilities.

Today, how society views disability prevents people from living a quality life.

People often view disability as a negative and personal problem that affects a person. In reality, disability issues and problems come from a person with a disability trying to function in a society that is not accessible. The majority of people living with a disability (and their families) spend a lot of their time advocating for accessibility, the right to receive an education and services they need in school, jobs that they qualify for, the right to be treated fairly by people they interact with, a place to live and build long-lasting relationships, and much more.

When businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and other community-based organizations and members take action to become disability allies through the Disability Ally Initiative training, they give people with disabilities and their families the opportunity to be treated fairly, live in an accessible community, take advantage of job, education and housing opportunities without discrimination, and have meaningful interactions with peers and the rest of the community.

What you should know about the Disability Ally Initiative training:


1 Hour     But usually adaptable.


Organizations, businesses, and more.


DAI trainers go anywhere.


Create inclusive communities.

Take a meaningful step toward a more inclusive community.

As a disability ally, your support will help to create social change and give people with disabilities the access and opportunity to live a quality life. 

Disability Ally means...


Environmental barriers limit what people with disabilities get to experience.

An accessible community means people with disabilities can easily take part and enjoy every aspect of life in the community.


Families spend personal time finding resources and doing advocacy work.

With more disability allies in a community, families can spend more time caring for loved ones and using available community resources.


Jobs, education, and housing give people with disabilities a fair opportunity.

An inclusive community creates the opportunity for people with disabilities to live, work and go to school where they want.


Society views disability as a personal problem that is negative.

With the Disability Ally Initiative, society’s view and understanding of disability gets better. Everyday life is more accessible for everyone and people live quality lives.

How are we making a difference?

We are working with local agencies, businesses, organizations, families and all other community members to train and educate staff, teachers, healthcare professionals, clinicians, and others on how to become more inclusive in practice, how to create opportunities for people with disabilities and their families, and how to begin decreasing stigma associated with disabilities.


“The Disability Ally Initiative workshop offered us practical tools on how to be more inclusive in our work by centering the needs of LGBTQ people with disabilities. Most notable was PCCS’ commitment to talking about actions steps as opposed to just intellectualizing change.”

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