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People with disabilities are two times more likely to be unemployed than people without disabilities. The lack of access, opportunity, support services needed, and more, increases the likelihood for a person to live without a job. And without work people with disabilities cannot earn a living to provide for their family (when they have one), cannot exercise their independence, and are forced to delay personal and career goals.

Our Employment Support programs are changing that. With education and support, people with disabilities are filling intern, part-time, and full time positions where they want to work, earning an income, and getting a step closer to realizing their personal and career goals. 

How are we creating jobs for the people we support?


Pathway to Employment

Our dedicated staff spend hours in classroom settings and in the community, working hand in hand with the people we support to help each one of them discover their interests, skills and talents while they work on all other essentials required to get a job. These supports  lay the foundation for a successful pathway to employment.


Supported Employment

Transitioning into a new work environment can be challenging, and sometimes the support services at this stage can make all the difference. Before becoming an active employee, our staff work with each person, as needed, to build on-the-job experience and ensure that the person is not only well supported—by job coaches or other supportive staff—but the work environment is accessible and hassle-free.


Employment Training Program

Turning an internship position into a full-time position is one of the best ways to develop skills in a new job field and transfer those learned skills into a position with the same requirements. The Employment Training Program (ETP) provides people with disabilities with a faster track to becoming employed. Every internship leads to permanent employment at a local business in the community.

How can you help?

The job opportunities we are able to create for the people we support are possible because of dedicated local partners who are disability allies that share a similar vision.

You can give people with disabilities the opportunity to earn a living and pursue their personal and career goals by partnering with us.

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