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Residential Supports

Independence, safety, continuity and the opportunity to live wherever, and with whomever, a person wants are basic rights that all people deserve. Our Residential Supports service provides people with the opportunity to live a more self-sufficient and fulfilled life in a supported living environment.

These supports include group living arrangements (otherwise known as Individualized Residential Alternative) in homes with 24 hours of support each day, and independent living arrangements (otherwise known as Individual Supports and Services) with support provided as needed each day.

Individualized Residential Alternative

Sometimes referred to as a group home, the Individualized Residential Alternative is designed to accommodate the personal, daily needs of the people we support within a community-based residence. With around-the-clock support available from qualified Direct Support Professionals, people are supported with daily living activities such as: preparing meals, doing laundry, grocery shopping, administering medication, as well as other individual needs specific to each person’s development.

The “Residential Alternative” at Person Centered Care Services offers opportunities to live in a safe environment, grow at your own pace, learn how to care for and maintain a home, and be an active community member.

Individual Supports and Services

Individual Supports and Services (ISS) provide necessary assistance, when needed, to people who have more independence. The program not only assists with locating or renting apartments that are alternatives to traditional group living, it also provides supports, as needed, with independent living.


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