Person Centered
Care Services

Employment Supports

Employment Supports provide assistance and training to develop and advance the skills of the people in the programs and increase placement in competitive job fields. Qualified staff work closely with each person to discover personal strengths and interests in order to develop a customized plan for employment.


Pathway to Employment

Based on existing skills and interests, Pathway to Employment offers opportunities to help identify a career or vocational direction. Through consistent supports with job readiness, such as building a resume or understanding work-appropriate relationships, people learn to transition into the working field and build a life filled with purpose.


Supported Employment

A more focused guidance and support, Supported Employment provides the supports people need to obtain and maintain paid competitive jobs in the community. Our highly qualified staff work with each person to ensure that the transition into this level of employment is successful and that necessary job coaching is provided to maximize long-term employment.


Employment Training Program

A unique opportunity to work in an internship setting, the Employment Training Program (ETP) offers people the chance to learn on the job and develop invaluable skills to help them achieve their career goals.

Every internship offered through the Employment Training Program leads to permanent employment at a local business in the community, easing the burden of a city-wide job hunt. Throughout the duration of the internships, wages will be paid through ETP while the person learns the skills necessary to succeed in that field of work.

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