Person Centered
Care Services

Day Habilitation

The Day Habilitation program offers opportunities to learn and grow across all aspects of life, and the chance to build lasting, meaningful relationships with people throughout the community. 

Activities in the Day Habilitation program are designed around the interests, experience and individual goals of each person. As such, Person Centered Care Services has established partnerships with dozens of local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community groups to provide a range of opportunities and hands-on learning experiences.

Some of the Day Habilitation activities involve:

Volunteer Opportunities | Health & Wellness | Educational Sessions | Self-Advocacy | Arts & Crafts | Community Support Initiatives


  • 8:30 — Start of the Day
  • 10:00 — Team Volunteering
  • 12:00 — Lunch
  • 1:00 — Health and Wellness
  • 2:30 — End of the Day

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