Person Centered
Care Services


Respite services are defined as temporary relief to the primary caregiver. Through our respite services, Direct Support Professionals work with each person to provide dedicated care and support. Our Direct Support Professionals are provided the knowledge to pay close attention to the needs of each person including behavioral and medical needs if this type of support is required. Direct Support Professionals have the opportunity to utilize the resource library at PCCS to use games and other tools to keep each person engaged in activities.

How do we help the people we support develop meaningful experiences?

We work closely with local businesses and community organizations to find volunteer opportunities that match the interests of the people we support. From delivering meals to the elderly, for those who want to give their service, to learning firsthand from professionals about all that is required to do a specific type of job, the people we support discover a little about themselves and their passion(s) everyday.

With such collaboration, our local partners gradually develop sustained and meaningful relationships with the people we support and further become invested in becoming allies who want to create even more opportunities for those we serve.


The PCCS Resource Library is open at PCCS to enhance the services. DSPs are to the PCCS Resource Library and check out tools and resources to enhance the service. Staff is to sign out the items being borrowed and then returned once the person has achieved the service. Tools, games, resources available:


  • Awkward Moments at Work
  • Awkward Moments
  • Actions & Consequences for adults
  • Conversations to Go
  • Topple
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Reverse Charades
  • The Conflict Resolution Game
  • iTrax
  • Memory Caps
  • Rainbow a personal and social development game Financial IQ
  • Don’t Spill the Beans
  • Mixed Emotions
  • Self Control in a Box
  • Positive Thinking (Card Game)
  • Confidence (Card Game)
  • Emotions Blob
  • Bright Spots: Therapeutic Fun Memory Garden
  • Bullying and Harassment (Situation Cards)
  • Making and Keeping Friends (Card Game)
  • Social Situations (Card Game)
  • Let’s Talk Social Skills
  • All About Friends
  • All About Communication
  • All About Responsibilities
  • Solution Ball
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Cage Bingo
  • Anger IQ
  • I Can Do it (Card Game)
  • Behavior Management at Home (Card Game) Tune Up: Relationship Skill Building Game Chald Person
  • Out of Your Mind
  • Memory Skills
  • The Game of You
  • Large Colorful Dice
  • Guidance Bingo Blast
  • Pattern and Sequencing (Card Game)
  • Cash Register with Money
  • Helping Hands: Fine Motor Tool Set
  • Laser Maze: Logic Game
  • 1-10 Counting Owls-Activity Set
  • Recall’ Memory Game
  • Sorting Shapes: ·cupcakes
  • ABC Cookies
  • Sequence Numbers ·
  • Froggy Feeding Fun
  • Mental Box: Block Building Fun
  • IVlini Motor Math: Activity Set
  • Hedbanz
  • Mini Muffin Match Up
  • Colorful Building Blocks
  • Emotions: Memory Game
  • Splash of Color
  • Sight Words (Card Game)
  • Conversation Starters
  • Bathroom Essentials (Flash Cards)
  • Tune in Tune Up
  • Conversation (Cards)
  • Bathroom Laminated Paper with Questions Peg Board
  • Colorful Pop Cubes
  • Colorful Sponge Balls (Pack)
  • Yellow Counseling Ball
  • Play-Doh
  • Big Brain Academy (Card Game)
  • Too Is for Life
  • Play-Doh Super Color Pack
  • Foam Dry Erase Blocks (Yellow)
  • Red Foam Dice
  • Orange Foam Dice
  • Balloons Pack
  • Yoovi Dress Boards (Pack of 6)
  • Feed the Monster Alphabet Game
  • Frisbee (Blue)
  • Little People: Colors & Shapes Cards Little People: Counting 1-20 Cards Little People: Compare & Contrast Cards Playing Cards
  • 2-Sided Dry Erase Practice Board
  • Elena Avalor Shaped Puzzle
  • Lion Guard Puzzle
  • Crazy Eights Card Game
  • 1st Grade Money Flash Cards
  • Puzzle Bug (Bunny)
  • Puzzle Bug (Truck)
  • Elena Avalor Shaped Puzzle Pack
  • PJ Masks Shaped Puzzle
  • Dry Erase Lapboards
  • The Yoga Deck

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