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Residential Supports

Having a place to call home is a basic right that all people deserve. Yet people with disabilities often go a long time without finding a place to live. Discrimination, among other things, often prevents or delays the process of setting up living arrangements.

With our Residential Supports, the people we serve are able to live in a place they can call home, where they feel safe, independent, and supported by staff, family, and other loved ones.

What residential supports do we offer?

We provide independent living arrangements for people who are independent, and group living arrangements for people who are not ready to live on their own, or prefer not to.

Group Living

Some of the people we support may not be ready to live on their own, or prefer not to. As a result, the program known as the Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) program is designed to accommodate more than one person in a group living setting. By living with roommates, the people we support have the opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships, have a sense of safety, and be an active community member. Residents who are receiving IRA services are usually supported aroud-the-clock by qualified Direct Support Professionals who craft teachable moments around daily living activities such as: preparing meals, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and other individual needs specific to each person’s development.

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