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Supports in the form of programs and services that are provided to a person with a disability are meant to empower and give control back to the person and their family. Self-direction gives the people and families we support the flexibility to choose the mixture of supports and services (i.e. Fiscal Intermediary) that are right for them, the staff and organizations that provide the services, and the schedule that works best for them, so they can live the life they want.

With Self-direction, a person and his or her family have more control over the funding used to buy necessary services.  

How does it work?

A person and their family can select one of two options in order to begin self-directing their services: choose an agency that will provide and manage  ALL services, or choose to personally manage budgets and staff with the help of a Fiscal Intermediary and Support Broker.

Choose an Agency That Self-Directs

Have a conversation with your Medicaid Service Coordinator or Regional Self-Direction Liaison and find out about agencies near you that are providing Self-Direction services that best fit your needs.

Manage Your Own Budget

With financial support from our Fiscal Intermediary team, you can get the ball rolling and begin the process of self-directing your services so you can give more attention to the things you care most about. 

If you are new to Self-direction, please refer to this family-friendly Guide to Self-Direction or browse our Resource Library for more relevant information.

Our Direct Support Professional staff and Support Brokers ensure that people receiving Self-Direction services can enjoy meaningful relationships with family & friends, and work, volunteer, or partake in activities they enjoy. Join the team. We're hiring.

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