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Medicaid Service Coordination

Support for families receiving services comes in a number of ways, from programs and trainings that provide resourceful information to the specific services available to families and their loved ones. At the center of all supports are Service Coordinators, who spend hours on the phone, online, and oftentimes in person, assisting families with the details of the services they are enrolled in and sharing with them all relevant resources and information. With this level of support parents and families are gaining access to the best services available and ensuring a happy and fulfilled life for their loved ones. 

How are Medicaid Service Coordinators supporting people with disabilities and their families?







They work together with families to develop and maintain a personalized plan designed to meet their loved one’s individual needs and unique goals.

They work tirelessly to find the best services (i.e. day programs, residential support, employment support, recreational activities, identifying environmental modifications and adaptive equipment needs, and more) that best fit the needs of a person and their family.

They serve as advocates who assists people with disabilities to make informed decisions that will have an impact on the quality of their life. They primarily promote self-advocacy whenever possible, and advocate in the event that a person is unable to do so themselves.

They help people with disabilities and their families complete any necessary paperwork required to gain referrals for services needed.

They make sure that services are delivered as defined by the person and/or their family’s valued outcomes, as outlined on the Individualized Service Plan (ISP). To do so, they frequently assess the person and/or family’s satisfaction with the services and supports being received.

Medicaid Service Coordinators meet face-to-face with the persons on their caseload as often as needed, but at least three times during the year. One of these meetings is held at the person’s home, so that assistance can be provided for any environmental needs.

For more information on Medicaid Service Coordination please contact Corine Urciuoli, Director of Person Centered Supports, at (718) 370-1088 Ext. 241 or via email (

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