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Acceptance begins with seeing people for who they are.

Today, society has come a long way with regards to the way disability is perceived. However, people with disabilities are still facing barriers when it comes to living life to their fullest potential. This National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we are breaking those barriers.

People with disabilities are so much more than their diagnosis. They are people first. They are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers...and all in all, they are people who have big dreams, passions, and life goals just like anybody else.

Meet some of the people we support who are eager to jumpstart a career, give back to their community, and leave their mark on the world by following their passions.

Meet Zrinka

For Zrinka, writing has been her one true passion. She spends everyday refining her skills by keeping up with a personal journal, and even leaving some of her favorite people inspiring and heartwarming notes.

She sees a future where she writes professionally and authors her very own books. “Since I was a girl, I have wanted to become a writer and a chef,” she shares. Recently, Zrinka was pitched on the idea to write a cookbook by a staff—something she has been excited about.

For Zrinka and more people like her, getting access and the opportunity to develop and further pursue their goals makes a sizable difference. It means a chance to make a living doing what they love and providing for their families.

For the people here and for hundreds more that we serve, adequate support and access is what makes a difference; it ensures that people can pursue their dreams of becoming the authors, social workers, advocates, and teachers of tomorrow.

How can you help?

Creating long-term and life-changing opportunities for people with disabilities is how we will create social change. With your support, we can give the opportunity of a higher education, jobs that provide for people and their family, housing, and so much more so that people we support may live the most fulfilled life possible.

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