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After early education and high school, most young adults with disabilities go on to pursue a post secondary education and a career of interest. Others, on the other hand, need more support and exposure to different experiences before they are ready to move on to the next step. Day Supports provides these kinds of support for young adults who want to develop friendships and relationships with peers and people in the community, learn how to better read and write, and/or build volunteer experience and work-ethic in places where they would like to work or give back to the community.



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How do we help the people we support develop meaningful experiences?

We work closely with local businesses and community organizations to find volunteer opportunities that match the interests of the people we support. From delivering meals to the elderly, for those who want to give their service, to learning firsthand from professionals about all that is required to do a specific type of job, the people we support discover a little about themselves and their passion(s) everyday.

With such collaboration, our local partners gradually develop sustained and meaningful relationships with the people we support and further become invested in becoming allies who want to create even more opportunities for those we serve.

Activities practiced during Day Supports hours are designed around the interests and individual goals of each person.


Partnerships with local businesses and shops allow the people we support to develop experience in different fields while discovering their skills and passion.


Our Direct Support Professionals work with the people we support using every opportunity as a teachable moment. This makes learning a possible goal, anywhere.


The people we support have their own stories and lived experiences. It is only right that they get to share that with the world. Self-Advocacy teaches them how.


“I love serving other people and knowing that I am helping in the best way I can. When I am at Day Hab., I really enjoy volunteering at different places like Meals on Wheels and Soup Kitchen, giving back to people in need.”

Simone, Day Supports Program Participant

“One of my favorite things to do is to work on the snack cart at the office. I get to go to each office, meet different people and get them to buy snacks and coffee. I learn how to count money, and at the end, I also get paid.”

Akram, Day Supports Program Participant

“My favorite thing to do is to help others. I care a lot about people and I want to be able to assist people in need. When I was a kid, I wanted to become a Veterinarian because I really love animals. Helping others is what I enjoy.” 

Cory, Day Supports Program Participant

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