Person Centered
Care Services

Community Habilitation

Being a part of a community helps to shape identity, provide a sense of belonging, and opens up the opportunity to learn about different lifestyles and experiences. The more access people with disabilities have in their community, then, the more they are able to enjoy all the things their community has to offer.

From educational experiences to recreational activities, our Community Habilitation program provides all people with a wide range of services and resources that offer unique learning opportunities both at home and in the community.

At Home

At home, Community Habilitation services focus on providing people receiving supports with the skills necessary to become independent in managing household and personal care responsibilities. Our Direct Support Professional (DSP) staff work closely with the people we support, mentoring and ensuring teachable moments every step of the way.

In the Community

In the community, the people we support explore and experience (in small groups or on one-to-one) a variety of activities in communities near and far, with support from our Direct Support Professional staff. Engaging in activities in the community where the person lives ensures that they are able to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships. On the other hand, engaging in and exploring communities far away opens up the possibilities to discover more.

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