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A PCCS Holiday Wish-Traditions

The holiday season is here and we all have our own set of traditions. While the fireplaces are lit, the cookies are baking, and the carols are blasting on every station imaginable, this is a time to reflect on traditions and holiday wishes. At PCCS, our traditions focus on service, support, and equitable opportunities throughout the community. We continue to reflect this time of year and look to grow stronger and impact more persons the next year. We asked members of the PCCS family about their favorite holiday traditions and answers ranged from decorating their Christmas tree with family to cooking elaborate breakfasts holiday meals. No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, one thing is certain—the season is all about spreading cheer and giving to those who are in need. We are extremely grateful to our supporters and those who have contributed through money and time throughout the year.

PCCS ran its annual Sensory Santa event with the partnership of the Brielle at Seaview providing us space on December 1st. The event provided families the opportunity to begin their own traditions and share in memories of seeing their children take photos with Santa in a quiet, friendly environment that avoids the hustle and bustle of other entities that might be overwhelming spaces. Feedback from families and children continued to ignite the spirits of the volunteers in the room with seeing the joy that it brought to share in this moment.

In addition to Sensory Santa, PCCS Has another tradition to put smiles on the faces of children at our annual holiday drive, where we donated presents to over 350 students of PS373R and Petrides High School students that were on their holiday wish list. This tradition allows PCCS the opportunity to connect with the community in gathering donations: from family and friends of PCCS. From the businesses that support us every year. And from those continuing to get into the holiday spirit. As this tradition continues, the number of students we are able to provide for continues to grow year after year. It’s safe to say that our tradition is truly to continue to increase our outreach for continued community projects.

With traditions new and old, one thing is true, we hope while you continue in your own traditions, you become a part of our traditions here at PCCS in the new year. We wish you all a happy holiday season!

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