Person Centered
Care Services.

I Deserve

As human beings, we all have rights. We all have needs. We all deserve justice. As an organization that supports people with disabilities, we see the injustices that surround people with disabilities, being unable to gain access to things that all persons should have access to. At PCCS, we want to hone in on individuals who have been denied a service (i.e. therapy, medical treatments, a safe space due to a domestic violence situation, etc.) because of their disability. We believe they deserve the same supports and services anyone else receives. We want to begin a conversation about why advocacy is so important and create social change through conversation.

Why do we do what we do at PCCS? It’s the stories of two people we support that strike a chord. Marsha, a person we support was denied the opportunity to live on her own. She deserved to live in her own apartment, just as anyone else could. Originally, Marsha was living in a state group home, where she didn’t get along with her other roommates—it became hard to build relationships. One of her personal goals was to learn how to cook, but with her living situation, she wasn’t provided opportunity to make choices or meals. Through a lot of advocating and maintaining a positive outlook, Marsha got the apartment she deserved and wanted! At first, she was scared to live on her own, but by setting specific goals, like cooking a meal for herself, Marsha was able to move into her own department.

Jonathan was denied the opportunity to advocate for himself. Jonathan was bullied in school, and therefore had difficulty build relationships that he wanted to. Jonathan recognized that he wanted to learn how to maintain relationships and having respect for others, despite being bullied. He deserves to be heard, make friends, and work hard to get a job and an apartment of his own. Jonathan’s future goals include one day work at Stop & Shop and bag items.
Stay tuned in the coming months to hear more stories and find out how you can join our movement of advocacy.

Relationships & Support

Welcome February– a month of love, appreciation, and support. Whether you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, friends, or by yourself, today is a day to express this gratitude. At PCCS, we are one big happy family. We pride ourselves on the fact that we build relationships and support systems to grow as an agency and on personal levels.

As a growing agency, we have worked to partner up with other thriving organizations to become a well-rounded non-profit that could provide the most valuable resources and supports to the PCCS family. Our partnerships mean so much to us because through our partnerships, we have grown our connection with the community, found new resources, and have made genuine connections that we continue to build upon”

This Valentine’s Day, we want to say WE LOVE YOU to our engaged supporters including – Staten Island Economic Development Corporation, Staten Island Performing Provider System, Staten Island Non for-Profit Association, Empire State Bank, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, and the community based organizations that we continue to work alongside with. Through their support, we continue to grow a community of acceptance, love, and true allies for all.

New Year, New Strategies

This year, we will all aim to make progress in different areas of our lives but it’s important to consider how we will go about it as opposed to simply presenting the idea without a strategy put in place. We’ve all experienced those moments where we have not met some of the resolutions and goals we’ve set for ourselves, and most of the time, the shortcoming is usually related to the lack of planning and accountability on our part. If we are to change the outcome this time around then, we must plan every step of the way, bring others along on our journey for support, encouragement and to hold us true to our goal(s) when we’re falling behind, and understand that real progress takes time and commitment—much like we have come to understand from the person-centered methods we use to support the people and families we serve.

These following steps—taken from our person-centered methods—are sure to guarantee a successful outcome to your resolutions, whatever they may be, this year. We know because we have seen it work, time and time again, in the lives of those we support.


1. Title: Brief Description (example below)

“Narrow Down Your Resolutions to 3 or Less Items”

We know you want to accomplish a lot this year, but what are the most important goals to you right now? Prioritize what is most important to you to achieve within the coming months and year. Write these resolutions out in a clear manner to show three different resolutions that can be seen through measurable action.

2. “Measure Through Action”

In what ways will you be able to tell you have achieved these goals? Write down how it is you will be able to put those resolutions to action. Wanting to be more physically fit? Write down your action to walk a mile 3x a week. And track it! This helps keep you accountable!

3. “Support Goes A Long Way”

Having someone to check in with about your goals is key. Who are the people in life that hold you accountable for your actions? Do you value their opinion and input? Good! Discuss with them what your goals are for the year and show them what your plan is. Having them work on this with you can help to keep you grounded with understanding attainable goals as well as pushing you to achieve more. Creating a half way mark for the year allows you the time to reflect with these persons. Working together to check at a half way point allows time to look at how far you may have come and tweaking the action steps with support. Maybe increasing the goal or adjusting support needed to attain the goal.

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