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Relationships & Support

Welcome February– a month of love, appreciation, and support. Whether you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, friends, or by yourself, today is a day to express this gratitude. At PCCS, we are one big happy family. We pride ourselves on the fact that we build relationships and support systems to grow as an agency and on personal levels.

As a growing agency, we have worked to partner up with other thriving organizations to become a well-rounded non-profit that could provide the most valuable resources and supports to the PCCS family. Our partnerships mean so much to us because through our partnerships, we have grown our connection with the community, found new resources, and have made genuine connections that we continue to build upon”

This Valentine’s Day, we want to say WE LOVE YOU to our engaged supporters including – Staten Island Economic Development Corporation, Staten Island Performing Provider System, Staten Island Non for-Profit Association, Empire State Bank, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, and the community based organizations that we continue to work alongside with. Through their support, we continue to grow a community of acceptance, love, and true allies for all.

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