Person Centered Care Services

Person Centered
Care Services


Founded in 2006, Person Centered Care Services, Inc. is a not for profit organization that offers individualized person-centered support and services to people with disabilities in the New York State area. Comprised of people who are disabled and non-disabled, we are advocates for social change and inclusive communities.

For over a decade, we’ve been helping people with disabilities gain access to equitable education, employment, recreation, relationship and housing opportunities. While we’ve made progressive strides in that short period of time, acceptance for people with disabilities still remains a significant barrier.

In order to witness acceptance, people with disabilities must be seen as equal participating citizens. That is why we work to enact change in our society by empowering the people we serve to live fulfilled, active lives as equal members within our society, not apart from it.

PCCS is not just a not for profit organization. We are a movement for social justice, fighting to improve the quality of life for the disabled.

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