Person Centered
Care Services


Our Mission

Person Centered Care Services is a not for profit organization creating social change within communities by supporting people with disabilities on their search for identity and acceptance.

We care about social change

Our services and trainings help to educate the public about disabilities and also increase the network of disability allies in the communities we serve.

We put the people we support first

We don’t fill preset slots in generic programs. Instead, we provide the necessary supports unique to each person so they can fulfill their personal goals.

The work we do requires collaboration

The work we do would not be possible without the people who support us and donate toward our mission. Together, we can do so much more.

Learn more about what we do and how we are changing lives with the help of our staff and supporters.

Learn about the PCCS team

From executives to directors, get to know the people who are doing what it takes everyday to make an impact in the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Partner with us

Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, we are able to provide more opportunities to the people we support. Our partners make social change possible.

Fundraise with us!

Help to fund the initiatives that are helping to create more life-changing opportunities, more access in communities, and more acceptance for people with disabilities.

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