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2017 Annual Gala: A Recap

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“Alone we can make a difference. Together, we are unstoppable.”

Words simply cannot express our gratitude for everyone who came together to celebrate unity and the importance of allyship at our annual Gala this year! We shared what wonderful opportunities are possible when a community works together to make everyday life better for everyone, including people with disabilities. With the help of organizations like Projectivity, we showed the work we have been doing year-round to bring communities throughout New York City along on the journey to becoming disability allies. We celebrated the growth that people we are supporting have experienced this year and how an inclusive community directly impacts the opportunities that are available to them. Overwhelming support from local businesses, partners and organizations—Richmond County Savings Foundation, Paycom, RTR Financial Services, Bentson Insurance Group, Northfield Bank, Empire State Bank, to name a few has created community awareness to bridge the gap between people with disabilities and the rest of the community, intern and job opportunities, volunteer sites for people we support to develop relational skills, and the chance for people we support to pursue personal and career goals. Supporters who could not attend gave in-kind donations to make sure that people we serve were in attendance and had a seat at the table.

With so many accomplishments this year, we are beyond grateful for our dedicated staff, volunteers, local partners and sponsors, and allies who work tirelessly to create life-changing opportunities for the people and families we serve. We cannot help but think this is only the beginning of something much bigger.

Here is to another year of growth, community allyship and inclusion, and opportunities for the people we support.


Enjoy some of the photos from our 2017 Annual Gala. (Click Here)

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